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The UT finance department calls for frugality in spending

All departments of the Chandigarh government can start expenditure from the money allotted to them in the new financial year (2024-25), from Monday, April 1, the UT finance department has advised them to make restricted use of the money.

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In the interim budget, the national government allotted Rs 6,513.62 crore for the month of February. The finance department is closely monitoring spending because the annual budget will not be enacted until after the Lok Sabha election by the new administration in the Centre.

The UT finance department has issued a letter to departments, stating unequivocally that because this is an interim budget, selected expenditure must be made by defining priorities, particularly in the first quarter of the new fiscal year, which runs from April to June.

Because the departments construct their monthly budget on a regular timetable, they have the freedom to prioritize their work and spend accordingly.

All UT departments will submit a monthly report to the finance department detailing their expenditures, and the report will be transmitted to the central government. authorities from the finance department will monitor related financial data and make choices based on directions from high authorities. "The Chandigarh administration has given the departments of education and health top priority, and they may continue with their projects. The MC engineering department can proceed with projects, but prudent spending must be maintained at all times, according to sources.

In its interim budget published in February, the national government gave Rs 6,513.62 crore to Chandigarh, an increase of Rs 426.52 crore (7.01%) over 2023-2024 forecasts. This financial allocation includes Rs 5,858.62 crore in income and Rs 655.00 crore in capital.

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