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What are the new rules for Canada spouse visa? What possibilities may Indian students still explore?

Tthe latest rules have made it nearly impossible for Indian students in Canada to take their partners along, certain chances continue to remain open.

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Indian students in Canada, especially those from Punjab, are facing heightened riskiness in the wake of the new regulations in the North American nation which restrict the number of foreign students and change the rules concerning Spousal Open Work Permit (SOWP).

Most of students who seek diploma studies in Canada were so far allowed to bring their wives along, but the current rules have placed a total ban on the spouse visa. Nevertheless, certain chances remain open for Indian students looking to study in Canada while bringing their spouses along. What are these possibilities, and how do they work?

The SOWP rule in Canada can still take their spouses along despite changes in SOWP?

Yes, students can still bring their spouses along despite the changes, given their file was filed before March 19, 2024 under any scheme, including diploma and degree courses.

Following the changes, who all are still allowed to bring their spouses along?


Students enrolling in specific professional degree programs can still bring their spouses to Canada despite the new rules.

Which programs allow spouse accompaniment?

The eligible programmes include Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS,Bachelor of Education (BEd), DMD), Doctor of Veterinary Medicine , Pharmacy (PharmD, BS, BSc, BPharm),Bachelor of Law or Juris Doctor, Doctor of Optometry,Doctor of Medicine,Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Bachelor of Engineering.

Specialists believe that for medical areas like pharmacy and nursing, extra mathematical demands are present to apply for a spousal visa. For non-medical areas, there are different offers such as doing an engineering degree in any field. Students from the arts stream are also qualified if they decide for LLB or BEd courses, etc.


What about students with pending spouse visa applications?


Specialists said the new restrictions apply to open applications filed after March 18, 2024. Specialists said the new restrictions apply to open applications filed after March 18, 2024. the applications made before March 18 that are turned down are also subject to the new requirements

However, certain choices are still open for these students. Indian students can bring their spouses to Canada after finishing their studies when they become qualified for a work permit. In such cases, wives must wait at least 3 years for the end of their partner’s studies. On the other hand, students can switch to eligible courses, including Masters or PhD, that allow quick spousal sponsorship. This may involve cancelling the previous entry offer and enrolling in a different school, suffering a possible loss that ranges from 1,000 to 2,500 Canadian dollars (around Rs 61,000 to Rs 1.53 lakh).


What are the choices for students unable to move programmes?


Students unable to modify their courses can still bring their partners on a Visitor Visa, however spouses cannot work in Canada under this option. Another alternative is receiving an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), enabling students to secure work permits and eventually sponsor their spouses.


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