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Germany is attracting the Indian students in order to address shortages in the labor market.

 The German government is focused on getting Indian students to come to the country. They are the biggest group of international students there. The German Academic Exchange Service's Dr. Joybrato Mukherjee stressed how important it was to make the German job market appealing to Indian graduates.

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A record number of Indian students are going to German universities, and Indians make up the biggest group of foreign students in Germany. According to TOI, the German government is also focusing on finding workers to fix its labor shortages.

There are 43000 Indian students in Germany, making them the greatest group of international students there. "To fill the increasing need in qualified employees on the German job market, it is essential to make the German employment opportunities offered to Indian students after they graduate,"

He added that Indian students will have an easier time getting jobs in Germany because of the talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz last year and the new Skilled Immigration Act that was passed in Germany. Indian students who have degrees in Germany, many of which are taught in English, now have a better chance of getting jobs in Germany and other Schengen area countries. As Dr. Mukherjee put it, "we believe in brain circulation rather than brain drain," which means that they feel that skilled foreign students can have very successful careers in Germany.

Data from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany reveals a 26 per cent jump in the count of Indian students in Germany over the last year, totaling 42,997 for the winter term of 2022-23. Indians represent the predominant cohort of international students at German colleges and universities, with engineering being the most preferred rules at 60 per cent,management, following by law, and social studies at 22 per cent, and mathematical concepts and natural sciences at 14 per cent, among the desired fields of study.

In recent times, as the new Act came into action on March 1, 2024; the German government has also allowed foreign students from outside the European Union to work up to 20 hours per week  This rule will also cover students who go to Germany to search for college programs but have not registered yet to a university and those doing German language training classes.

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