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Nova Scotia Reduces International Student Visa limit by 35%

Canada is cutting the Nova Scotia foreign visa allowance by 35 %.
The quota of 12,000 will be divided between educational institutions, including universities, NSCC, private job colleges, and language schools.
Last year, Canada reported over 1 million foreign students, with Indian and Chinese students allowing the list.

Written by Thelearnvine

Nova Scotia’s International visa quota will be cut by 35 percent, as stated by the Canadian officials.The decision was made during Province House’s debate on the provincial budget last week.

Such a number indicates a drop of 7,000 applications compared to 2023. Meanwhile, the new quota corresponds with the federal government’s goal of lowering foreign applications by 35 per cent, as reported by the Hamilton Spectator.

The 12,000 quota will be allotted between approved learning institutions, including universities, private job colleges,  NSCC, and language schools.

However, Minister Wong did not clarify how this number could be allocated – whether each school would get an equal portion, for instance, or if it would depend on factors such as the school’s current student body or the number of foreign students currently registered.

Reportedly, educational institutions have been recently told about the 12,900 number, but the officials have until the end of March to decide how it will be allocated.

Canada Reduced International Student Permits by 35%

In January of this year, the Canadian government announced restrictive measures to reduce the growing number of foreign students, including capping the number of study permits granted yearly.
More specifically, Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees Canada (IRCC) plans to lower the number of granted study permits to 360,000, indicating a 35 percent decline compared to 2023.

Canada Recorded Over 1 Million International Students Last Year

In 2023, the number of foreign students with current educational permits in Canada topped one million figure, hitting 1,040,985. Such a number marked a 29 percent rise compared to 2022, as reported by ICEF Monitor, pointing to the IRCC data.

The biggest number of study permits in 2023 were granted to students from India, China,Nigeria, France, Iran, Nepal,  the Philippines,  Vietnam and Mexico.

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