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Why Tata AIG's Travel Insurance the Best Option for Schengen Visas?

People who are intending to visit Europe should understand that having travel insurance is important if visiting a nation in the Schengen area.

Written by Thelearnvine

While it appears like a small requirement, the absence of travel insurance might be the cause behind your visa refusal. Not only that, you may also have to deal with many complications if you wind up having the improper abroad travel insurance.

At this moment, Tata AIG’s Schengen visa insurance shines as a light for the multiple bonuses it offers alongside complete coverage. Even Forbes rated Tata AIG’s travel insurance for Schengen visa as a top choice for visitors.

What is a Schengen Visa? Who Needs It?


A Schengen visa is the common visa necessary to enter any nation within the Schengen Area. It is a compulsory document required by those belonging to non-Schengen nations in order to visit a Schengen country.

Tthe Schengen Area contains 26 European nations that don’t have border controls and have eliminated separate passports among the common borders. Simply said, instead of earning a visa for a single country in the Schengen Region, you need to get a common Schengen visa that permits you travel across all the Schengen states.

Latvia, Belgium, Luxembourg,Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, etc. are some of the most famous Schengen states among others.


What are Schengen Visa Travel Insurance Needs?


As per Regulations set by the European Parliament, travel medical insurance must meet the following specific Schengen visa necessities:

  • A medical coverage of a minimum of €30,000.
  • It must give coverage for all the Schengen states.
  • It must cover expenditures associated to repatriation due to medical crises, immediate medical assistance or emergency hospitalisation in the Schengen nation (s).


Why Tata AIG’s Travel Insurance Ranks at No. 1 for Schengen Visa?

International travel insurance for Schengen visas, Tata AIG is considered as a reputable insurance partner.

Forbes identified Tata AIG as one of the best travel insurance providers of Schengen visa. This is due to Tata AIG’s:

  • Solid Financial funding
  • Europ Assist for International Claims
  • Timely claim settlement
  • Broad range of travel insurance plans
  • Affordable insurance



The features that make AIG overseas insurance your perfect travel partner:


Up to $5,00,000 Medical Coverage: Getting treated overseas can considerably drain a lot of money owing to exorbitant healthcare bills and hefty currency conversion rates. At this moment,

Tata AIG’s Schengen visa insurance becomes more appealing as it includes medical coverage up to $5,00,000.

Emergency Medical Treatment Abroad: Falling sick at home is horrible but nonetheless treatable. However, the same might damage your travelling experience if it happens during your overseas vacation.

Tata AIG’s Schengen travel insurance covers the expense of unanticipated hospitalisations and other emergencies in a foreign country.

● Urgent Evacuation/Repatriation: Whether offering rapid health-related evacuation or repatriation in event of the death of the insured, Tata AIG is always a step ahead.

Personal responsibility and Legal Expense Cover: Tata AIG is among the few insurance carriers that offer coverage for personal responsibility in a foreign nation.

It implies that if you become engaged in an accident resulting in third-party or property loss/damage, your insurance provider will safeguard you from legal penalties by paying payment to the victim party.


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