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Visas for overseas tours are increased

Last year New Zealand got 114,500 visitor visa applications from Indians and granted 79,600 of them.

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Outbound tourism is on the uptick this summer with flexibility in visa restrictions and reduced wait times. While Sri Lanka and Southeast Asian countries are enjoying a spike in tourists due to visa relaxations, New Zealand has seen demand pick up following a drop in processing time from 25 days to 11 days presently.

"in 2023 between July and September , we noticed a saw a surge in applications from Indian citizens which resulted to higher decline rates and slower processing times. During this period the average processing times for a visiting visa from India was 25 weekdays," said Jock Gilray, director (visa), New Zealand government's immigration department.

Gilray said application rates have slowed since then and the standard of visa applications has improved. Gilray said. the averaging around 11 weekdays for applications from Indian Approval rates are up nationals over the last few months,our processing times have gotten quicker "

The previous year, New Zealand received 114,500 visitor visa applications from Indians and granted 79,600 of them. The average processing time last year was 2 weeks for Indian candidates in 2023.


Huge demand


Demand for outbound trips notably those for long haul locations such as Europe, Australia and New Zealand is 28-32 per cent higher on a y-o-y basis, tour company Thomas Cook said. Booking to the US too are seeing rise.

Long wait periods for visas have been a major point for Indian visitors. Visa difficulties have resulted to cancellations or postponing of travels. Estimated wait time for US tourist or business visa appointments is currently lower than 200 days in Delhi and Kolkata but over 400 days in Mumbai and Chennai. Travel agencies frequently complain about excessive wait time for biometrics appointments for Germany and Italy.

On their side embassies are boosting up efforts by deploying additional people and resources for visa processing US Consulate in Mumbai recently held a special drive on Saturday this month to assess 1500 visa applications.

"Our time frame for processing has improved and applicants in Mumbai acquire visa within 48 hours after application. compared to 2022 Visa processing has surged by 30 per cent .

Switzerland Embassy in New Delhi says it is adequately equipped to process visa applications. The processing period continues at 15 calendar days following the successful submission of the visa application. This processing period corresponds with the norms set down in Schengen framework," the Swiss embassy said.

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