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Study Abroad: Indian students can now apply for UG and PG scholarships offered by University of East Anglia.

Study in UK: University of East Anglia is offering UG and PG scholarships that will pay for living expenses, housing, and tuition.

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NEW DELHI: The University of East Anglia (UEA Norwich) has made fresh scholarship opportunities available to Indian students hoping to enroll in undergraduate and graduate programs for the 2024–2025 school year. The institution does not allow any one award to be merged with another. Each scholarship is distinct. Students must submit their scholarship applications by the dates.

The UEA is giving the following scholarships to Indian students:

UEA India Award
A scholarship program for Indian postgraduate students is called the UEA India Award. The tuition for qualified programs in economics, humanities, engineering, chemistry, art, media, and American studies, as well as music, law, and other fields, is covered by this grant at all participating institutions.
Applicants must be citizens of India or be resident here at the time of application in order to be eligible for the award. They should also have gotten an offer—conditional or unconditional—for a postgraduate program at UEA. Students who satisfy the UEA admission requirements will get UK Pound 4,000; those who graduate with a final undergraduate grade of 65% or better will receive UK Pound 5,000; and those who receive an LLB score of 60% or above will receive an additional UK Pound 5,000.

UEA India UG scholarship

in this scholarship program, Indian students who achieve excellent academic standards are given direct recognition and rewards for their achievements. The first year of the scholarship will provide a UK Pound 4,000 tuition fee discount for an Indian national or resident who has secured an unconditional or conditional offer for a full-time bachelor's degree at the UEA.

Global UG Excellence scholarship

The goal of this fellowship is to support and honor overseas applicants who have been accepted to UEA for their undergraduate studies. This scholarship's main goal is to provide assistance to international students starting their undergraduate studies at the institution. It covers up to three years of undergraduate education with an annual grant of UK Pound 4,000; outstanding candidates are examined for an annual award of UK Pound 10,000.

Sonny and Gita Mehta India Scholarship

With the help of this scholarship, gifted Indian authors will be able to pursue their studies in the creative writing, theater, and literature departments at UEA. The scholarship, worth UK Pound 28,500, needs a separate application from each applicant.

David Sainsbury Full MSc scholarship

Limited applicants for the MSc in Global Plant Health are eligible for the David Sainsbury Full MSc Scholarship. This scholarship covers the full cost of tuition (UK Pound 31,500), comes with a maintenance stipend, and gives an additional UK Pound 4,000 for living costs.

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