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Study Abroad: 210 postgraduate GREAT scholarships are offered from 71 UK universities.

71 UK institutions are offering 210 GREAT Scholarships to students in 15 different countries during the 2024–25 academic year.

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The GREAT Scholarship program is intended for people who want to continue their postgraduate education in the UK. 71 UK institutions are offering 210 scholarships to students in 15 different countries during the 2024–25 academic year. Indian students can apply for 26 postgraduate GREAT scholarships offered by 25 UK universities this year.(AFP)

Each scholarship has value for a minimum of £10,000 for postgraduate education for a year. The fellowship is open to qualified applicants from a number of nations, including China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Turkey. The selected postgraduate programs normally start in September.

The British Council, in collaboration with partner UK higher education institutions, and the UK government's GREAT Britain Campaign provide joint funding for each scholarship. The UK government's GREAT campaign is an effort that facilitates higher education and builds bridges between India and the UK. In addition to facilitating the creation of jobs, it promotes learning and development for locals, professionals, traders, investors, students, and foreign tourists.

How applicable is the GREAT Scholarship to students from India who want to study in the UK?

With the GREAT Scholarships, students from all around the world—including India—can pursue postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. Indian students can apply for 26 postgraduate GREAT scholarships offered by 25 UK universities this year. It is applicable to a variety of professions, including psychology, business, finance, marketing, design, humanities, dance, and more. A minimum of £10,000 will be awarded for each GREAT scholarship, which will be used to pay for one-year postgraduate studies in the UK starting in the fall of 2024.

Additionally, in partnership with the Ministry of Justice, the GREAT Scholarships program 2024 offers two scholarships designed especially for Indian students pursuing degrees in law and justice. Two cooperating higher education schools that are well-known for their outstanding legal programs are offering these scholarships.

In addition, four Science and Technology scholarships are offered by four UK universities for the 2024–2025 academic year. Any of the participating higher education institutions is inviting Indian students to apply for courses encompassing a wide range of scientific and technology-related areas, such as psychology, sustainable engineering, and artificial intelligence.

What are the fundamental qualifications?

While the prerequisites vary throughout universities, most of them demand that the student possess an Indian passport as proof of permanent residency, have completed an undergraduate degree, and fulfill the academic and English language requirements of the UK university.
In order to be eligible to apply for the scholarships, students must meet the prerequisites set forth by each participating university for their selected course and have received an offer of admission from one of those institutions.

When is the deadline for submissions?

The dates differ depending on the university. Most colleges will accept applications until the end of May 2024, while in certain cases, extensions until June are conceivable. Candidates who made the short list can be invited to a video interview with the university's selection panel. The individual institutions will notify the successful scholars of their status when the application has been filed.

How and where may someone apply?

To start, applicants should visit this website to learn more about the scholarships that are offered. Candidates should apply for individual scholarships by following the guidelines provided on the scholarship website of each university. Essays may be asked of students as part of the application process. Some institutions will need 500 words explaining why the subject matter of a previously studied  attracted their interest. This essay, together with their prior academic performance and shown ability, will be considered in the shortlisting process.

Scholarship funds will be awarded to the selected scholars by the individual institutions after the registration procedure, upon receipt of confirmation of selection. In order to obtain the scholarship cash, it is crucial to swiftly finish all registration requirements.


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