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Romania and Bulgaria These Two Countries Now Joined Europe’s Visa Free Schengen Zone

You will be allowed to use your Schengen Visa to go to Romania and Bulgaria by air and sea routes.

Written by Thelearnvine

Romania and Bulgaria will partially enter the Schengen Area on March 31, 2024, marking an important step forward in their European integration. This visa-free zone allows travelers to freely transit between 26 European nations, eliminating internal border inspections.

The Long Road to Schengen:

Romania and Bulgaria joined the European Union more than a decade ago. However, their Schengen ambitions were stalled because to worries from several member states about border security and corruption. After 13 years of talks and revisions to address these issues, they eventually won approval for partial admission.

While this is a reason for joy, present access is restricted to air and marine transport. Land borders remain under national authority, which causes considerable frustration. Austria blocked full membership, citing worries over irregular migration, resulting in a two-tiered structure. Bulgaria and Romania plan to abolish land border restrictions by the end of 2024, although discussions are still underway.

"This is a great success for both countries," European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stated. "And a momentous moment for the Schengen Area, the world's largest free-movement zone. Together, we are creating a stronger, more unified Europe for all of our inhabitants."

Despite the limits, partial access is projected to offer a considerable economic benefit to both nations. Increased tourism, simplified trade, and simpler mobility for business travelers are all expected benefits. Bulgarians and Romanians are now able to travel freely across most of Europe without a visa, boosting more cultural interchange and personal connection.

The Schengen zone will now include 29 members, including 25 of the 27 EU member states, as well as Iceland, Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

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