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Macquarie University offers scholarship worth AUD $40,000

Students who begin their studies at Macquarie University from 2024-25 will be eligible for this award.

Written by Thelearnvine

Study Abroad: Macquarie University has established an annual grant of AUD 10,000 to recognize excellent students in India. Students who are interested can apply for the scholarship via the official website —

Students starting their studies at Macquarie University in 2024-25 will be eligible for this scholarship .

To be eligible for this scholarship, the students have

  • A full-time overseas student pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree on campus
  • Be a citizen of Sri Lanka and India



  • Hold a full scholarship offer from Macquarie University
  • Accept the offer letter and pay the starting fee by the acceptance due date indicated on the offer letter

The award will be given as AUD $10,000 yearly scholarship towards tuition expenses for all coursework degree courses taught at Macquarie’s Sydney campus. This implies, a student enrolling in a four year undergraduate degree would earn up to AUD $40,000 over four years off their total tuition payments.

Applications will be accepted all year round, and individuals who successfully apply will be immediately assessed for this award.

Major areas that are studied at Macquarie include Banking & Finance (Fintech, Environmental Finance, Financial Management), Data Science, IT (IoT, AI, Information Systems, Networking, Cyber Security), Business Analytics, Management Medicine, Arts, Media and Communications,Engineering (Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Renewable energy, Civil, Construction, Software)

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