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Dubai starts Platform to Cut Visa Processing From a Month to Just 5 Days

The UAE presents the new 'Work Bundle' platform, aiming to greatly reduce processing time for getting work permits and residency cards.

Written by Thelearnvine

The platform condenses eight services into a user-friendly interface, slashing needed steps from 15 to five and papers from 16 to five. candidates now need only two trips instead of seven, simplifying the process remarkably.

The United Arab Emirates has introduced its latest invention - the ‘Work Bundle’ platform, which seeks to minimize the processing time required to submit all the necessary documentation to secure UAE work permits and resident visas.

Following the new introduction of this platform, the work and residency visa procedure will be cut from approximately one month to just five days

As local media describe, the software eliminates complexity by compressing eight diverse services into a user-friendly interface. This represents a substantial decrease in the needed processes, reducing from a laborious 15 steps and 16 papers to just five steps and five documents. Additionally, candidates must only make two visits instead of the previous seven.

‘Work Bundle’ to Reduce 62 Million Work Day

As Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, explains that the New Work Bundle platform is poised to reclaim 62 million days of work before dedicated to the renovation of residences and work agreements within government frameworks.

According to him, the project is intended to simplify 25 million operations yearly, resulting in considerable cost savings for the government and business sectors.

Sheikh Mohammed’s idea is part of the wider Invest in Dubai framework. It hopes to serve over 275,000 enterprises in Dubai in the beginning.

While the majority of services will be online, some, including medical checks and fingerprint scans, will still need users to attend in person. Processing times have been shortened by more than 75 percent, and asking for human aid is unnecessary.

For hiring a new employee from overseas, the procedure comprises various steps:

Filling out the combined application.
Obtaining a work permit for the employee.
Completing residence formalities, which entail a medical examination and the issue of an Emirates ID card. These processes demand the employee’s attendance.
Regarding renewal services, the firm owner is needed to:

  • Fill out the united application.
  • Have the employee undergo a medical examination.
  • Get an Emirates ID card.

Moreover, Lt Gen Mohammed Al Marri, who commands GDRFA-Dubai, expects there will be 25 percent more service transactions once the new platform debuts. He thinks it makes things easier by putting numerous stages into one form, meaning fewer trips and less bother.

Developing the Work Bundle platform includes significant government entities, like Mohre, ICP, GDRFA, and DHA. Supported by the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) and Digital Dubai, the platform supplies vital digital infrastructure and promotes seamless services across government institutions.


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