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Niva Bupa Reassure 2.0 Bronze Health Insurance Plan gives unlimited, benefits and more Eligibility, claims

The scores are based on extensive study employing tough metrics. A 'B' grade is granted to plans with an overall score in excess of 45 percent, but less than 65 percent, which is the minimum score necessary to be an A-rated plan.

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Good claim settlement record, but high claim complaints concern

When it comes to processing claims, the Reassure 2.0 Health Insurance Plan offers a claims ageing rate of 100 percent. This assures that your claims will be addressed immediately, providing timely payment of medical expenditures. Additionally, the plan has a claim resolution rate of 91 percent.

However, it's crucial to highlight the areas where this strategy falls short. The claims complaint rate for this policy sits at 46.4 per 10,000 complaints, notably higher compared to comparable A and B-rated policies. For example, Bajaj Allianz’s Individual Health Insurance has a complaints rate of 2.9 percent, HDFC ERGO’s Optima Secure sits at 6.2, and Aditya Birla’s Active Assure Diamond is at 18 percent, making the Reassure 2.0 plan less attractive in this aspect.

Moving on to the plan's characteristics, one of its noticeable qualities is its extensive coverage with low limits. The lack of a mandated co-pay requirement allows policyholders to receive medical treatments without worrying about out-of-pocket payments.

Attractive features and advantages, but high complaints rate a dampener

No room rent sub-limit is a bonus

The plan does not put any restrictions on room rent, enabling flexibility in picking amenities according to individual tastes and needs.

Moreover, the plan includes various value-added bonuses. These include a yearly health check-up of up to Rs 5,000. Additionally, policyholders are eligible to a 30 percent discount on insurance renewals for maintaining excellent health.

More expensive than other plans

Despite these virtues, it's necessary to examine some restrictions and exclusions. For instance, there's a two-year waiting time for disease-specific coverage such as pancreatitis and stones in the biliary and urinary systems, cataract, hernia of any sort, ulcer, erosion or varices of the gastrointestinal tract, etc.

Disease-wise sub-limits also apply, with a maximum coverage limit of Rs 1 lakh for sophisticated treatment techniques like robotic surgery. The premiums are also higher compared to comparable A and B-rated policies.

Although Reassure 2.0 Health Insurance Plan provides wide coverage with rapid claims processing and significant features, it's necessary to carefully analyze its limitations when comparing it to other accessible alternatives.

Not making the A-grade

The plan has a greater percentage of complaints compared to comparable choices in the market. Moreover, it lacks elements such as restore benefits, OPD coverage, and no disease-wise capping, which are frequently regarded important for complete health care.

Given these limits, the Reassure 2.0 Health Insurance Plan is designated as a B-rated plan rather than being among the best A-rated plans in the market.

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