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when The United States of America invite study at a US university How much money required for studying abroad?

Increasing incidents of assaults on Indian students in the US fail to discourage students in India from following their desire of studying abroad. Here, we investigate how much money a student needs to study in America.

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Amid increased cases of attacks on Indian students in the US, there has been a debate over alternate study locations where students from India might travel for their further education.

The US administration is trying extremely hard to discourage such assaults against overseas students from India.
There is no doubting the fact that the US — along with Canada and the UK — continued to be one of the top choices for study among Indian students for their higher studies include bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

The number of foreign students from India entering the US climbed by 35 per cent, resulting to an all-time high of 268,923 in 2022-23, according to Open Doors Report (ODR). Indian students form around 25 per cent of more than one million international students in the USA.

Here, we give an estimate of the expense associated with studying abroad at an American university.

Essentially, the cost comprises two parts: one is the tuition charge and the second is the living cost.

The tuition price, as one would imagine, involves the majority of the cost which depends on the course you wish to pursue.

The course price varies greatly depends on the university you have selected for. For instance, a less respected or a state institution costs less whilst the top private colleges demand a considerably greater amount.


Management education



A management degree is among the most coveted qualifications in American institutions. This can burn a hole in your wallet but since this is a highly employable certification and substantially boosts your employability, students do not mind spending a tremendous price to acquire a management degree from an American university.


Graduate degree


As discussed above, the course cost varies considerably relying on whatever academic school you have zeroed in on. An MS in computer science at the University of Chicago costs between $59,337 and $79,116 (about ₹47 lakh to ₹63 lakh). On the other hand, Kent State University costs roughly $20,000 per year as the tuition price, which is comparable to only ₹16 lakh in Indian currency.

F-1 Visa Proof of funds: It is also necessary to prove funds in your parents' or blood relative's accounts. If it's a blood relative, you must demonstrate the relationship. The relatives include grandparents, aunts, and uncles. One might also mention many sponsors to demonstrate the finances.

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