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Here is everything you should know about Future Generali India’s recently introduced women’s health insurance plan

The insurance includes numerous major aspects, including enhanced limits for female cancer treatment, coverage for puberty and menopause-related illnesses, among others

Written by Thelearnvine

Future Generali India the Insurance Company a privately held general insurer, recently unveiled its latest women’s health insurance plan, tailored to fulfill women’s unique demands.

FGII’s “HEALTH POWHER” campaign strives to respond to the unique requirements of women across every stage of their life.

Managing Director and CEO of Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd,Anup Rau, stated, “We are here to tackle the largest under-served group in India, which also happens to be India’s biggest minority by any measure—and that group is women! At The future Generali, we are here to provide women a product adapted to their needs and aspirations, a product that promises to be different in more ways than one, a product built through significant study and knowledge of what women desire. This product is created via rigorous research- by the women, for the women - and we are happy to put it out to the market.”

The insurance plan has several key characteristics, such as higher limits for female cancer treatment, protection for puberty and menopause-related disorders, a focus on outpatient care for physical and mental well-being with mental illness benefits restored to 200%, the coverage for treatment for infertility and oocyte cryopreservation, stem cell storage, a holistic wellness program, lump sum advantages for newborn defects, nursing care, senior care encompassing strengthening of bones and joint injections, improved maternity coverage including antenatal cover, and many more advantages.

Important features

  • Increased Limits for Female Cancer Treatments
  • Coverage for Puberty and Menopause associated problems
  • OPD emphasizes on physical & mental well-being with reinstatement of mental illness benefits to 200%
  • Coverage for infertility therapy & Oocyte cryopreservation
  • Stem Cell Storage
  • Complete Wellness Program
  • Lumpsum benefit for Newborn deformity
  • Nursing services
  • Senior Care comprises bone strengthening injections, joint injections, etc.
  • Enhanced maternity benefits with the introduction of Antenatal cover


Additionally, the insurance incorporates a range of value-added services such as yearly health check-ups, preventative care packages, exercise programs, diet and nutrition assistance, spa wellness treatments, gynaecological consultations, yoga sessions, and more. This combination produces a unique convergence of preventative measures and complete healthcare coverage.

Value Added Services

  • Psychological therapy - 4 Sessions
  • Gynaecological Treatment - 4 online sessions
  • Health Check Up– Once in a Policy Year Women Fitness Program - 12 physical sessions
  • Diet & Nutrition - 4 online sessions
  • Spa wellness facilities - 2 sessions
  • Face Yoga - 1 Online Session
  • Fitness / Yoga membership - Access to yearly membership
  • Health contents & WebinarsHealth & Wellness marketplace - Discounts on wellness items

In a nation like India, where women constitute approximately half of the population, accounting for around 49%, it's regarding to note that only about 30% of women aged 15-49 were covered under health insurance between 2019-2021, according to data gathered from the National Family Health Survey the nation

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