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Canada, Australia to see Reduced the approval rates for foreign student visas.

Students are concerned about the ban on international student visas that Canada has implemented.

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In the past few years, the international education landscape has endured a substantial transformation. It is essential for students who wish to pursue an education overseas to remain updated on the most recent regulations pertaining to work permits, student visas, and other pertinent subjects.

In what ways do you anticipate the imposition of a two-year limit on global entries by Canada to affect the educational aspirations of international students? Would you provide any direction to students who are impacted by this policy modification?

  • The educational community on a global scale has been significantly impacted by Canada's recent decision to impose a two-year restriction on the number of international students admitted, with Indian students seeking higher education in Canada being particularly affected. Prospective students are concerned about Canada's implementation of a limit on international student visas, given the country's reputation for welcoming policies and abundant opportunities.


  • The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) forecasts a 35 per cent decline in study permits for 2024, casting doubt on the future of international education in Canada. Students must maintain optimism in spite of the policy change. Despite a rise in visa cancellations for Indian students, Canada’s enduring attractiveness as a study center should prevail as ideal circumstances might return ultimately.


  • One should focus on top colleges and main campuses to improve admission prospects, focusing the choice on institutions known for their educational commitment and reliability. One could also think about other countries like Germany, France, Ireland, Dubai, Malta, Spain, Singapore, and New Zealand, which offer special advantages and possibilities.


  • As students navigate Canada’s policy adjustments, it’s crucial to remain informed and consider factors such as post-graduation work prospects, living costs, and healthcare systems.


With the record decline in international student visa approval rates, how do you believe this will affect the global education nature? What actions can international students take to face these difficulties effectively?

  • Australian universities expect an increase in applications from overseas students for the 2024 session as the new academic year draws near. However, there's reason for alarm as the acceptance rates for foreign student visas have dropped sharply, suggesting that the global education landscape may be changing.


  • Australia's clearance rate for student visas has significantly decreased, from over 90% over the previous 15 years to 82% last year, according to recent numbers. Approvals for vocational education have also declined, to 70% in the six months leading up to December 2023. According to ICEF Monitor, there may be a decrease of around 90,000 student visa holders in Australia in 2023–2024 as compared to the previous year.


  • With the goal of limiting admission by "non-genuine" students, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's measures to control post-COVID migration surges are in line with this decline in approvals. With 270,000 students among the roughly 510,000 migrants expected to arrive in 2022–2023, the government is addressing the demand on housing and living expenses.


  • International students should make sure their visa applications are clear, compliant with all laws, and demonstrate their sincere desire to study in order to overcome these obstacles. Well-informed decision-making can be facilitated by extensively researching university and visa requirements.


  • It's also a good idea to look at other research locations that provide good circumstances and robust support systems. Various countries such as Germany, France,Spain, Singapore, Ireland, Dubai, Malta and New Zealand are appealing choices due to their easy immigration procedures and varied educational offerings.


  • The international education landscape is faced with hurdles due to the notable decrease in visa clearance rates; nevertheless, students can overcome these obstacles by adhering to regulations, exercising due diligence, and researching other destinations. International students must continue to be flexible and goal-oriented in their pursuit of an education, even as governments work to uphold the integrity of the education system.


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