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Best 8 Personal Expense Tracking Apps of 2024

Ratings on app platforms and popularity among users suggest out possibilities to examine.

Written by Thelearnvine

 The first step to gaining a handle on your cash flow is to recognize how you're spending your money.

Expense tracker applications let you gather and classify your purchases so that you can detect where to minimize your spending. Or, in the case of developing net worth, locations where you may devote additional money, such as savings. You could track costs for a time only to verify where your money’s going, or it might be a stepping stone toward developing and implementing a budget.

Here are top apps based on user reviews in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Those sites differ greatly on search traffic for “expense trackers.” Because of that, an iOS app needs 35,000 or more reviews and a grade of 4 or better to join our list. On Google Play, an Android game needs 100,000 or more reviews with a grade of 4.5 or above.

We removed applications that focused largely on tracking company spending. Also, because owner Intuit has declared it would shut down Mint as of March 23, that popular app is no longer mentioned here.


How do expenditure trackers work?


The idea here is to shift from a spreadsheet at best — or, at worst, no monitoring at all — to some type of collection and classification of money spent. Apps can achieve that. However, the experience differs significantly.

These are the most popular applications on the iOS and Android platforms, but you'll certainly need to test-drive a few before you discover one you're comfortable with. While our list concentrates on free applications, for the most part, you'll probably have to upgrade for a modest cost to acquire all the features you desire.


The list of characteristics you may want can include:


  • Simple transaction download.


  • Automatic tracking of recurring transactions.


  • A projection of your final balances at some point in time (cash flow).


  • Auto-categorization of transactions, notably taxable goods.


  • The ability to scan receipts.

It's probable you won't find every function you want or need in one of these applications, especially if it's free. But start the process of tracking your costs is more than half the fight. When you've been at it for some time, you'll know more regarding what you want in a banking app.


Best iOS personal expense tracker apps




This tool lets you adopt a zero-based financial plan by "giving every dollar a job." Users are excited with the spending and saving strategy of EveryDollar, however some current and older reviews voice reservations about the app’s user interface and expense-tracking functionality.

Download: iOS
Cost: The basic version of the program is free. The premium edition costs $17.99 a month, or $79.99 a year. New customers are granted a 14-day free trial.




You Need a Budget touts no in-app advertisements or product pitches. The thing is, that's due to it's only free for a 34-day tryout. The software is costly, but users enthuse that YNAB is "life-changing," "exactly what I needed" and "excellent."

You can share one account with your partner, friends, or family members. family or friends. And you can use the app to define and follow your objectives, and calculate part of your debt with the loan planner feature.

Download: iOS
Cost: You may get the yearly plan for $99 a year or pay $14.99 a month.


LendingTree Spring


The company most known for being a loan referrer has expense-tracking tools incorporated into its app, allowing you to aggregate account balances, track expenditures and analyze your net worth.

Download: iOS Cost: Free




Combining both business and personal cost monitoring features draws many users to this program — as does the ease of scanning receipts. But sections are limited in the free edition, and some reviewers are turned off by the email marketing. There are two premium versions of the software, geared for enterprises with 1-10 employees or up to 1,000.

Download: iOS
expense : Free to $36 per month, based on the plan.


Rocket Money


This program has a unique wrinkle: It not only lets you manage your costs, but offers to discover and cancel unwanted subscriptions that are related to your financial accounts. Rocket Money also believes it can cut some rates on recurring invoices. There is a free and a paid premium version of app. Some functions, like bill negotiating services, need an extra price.

Download: iOS
Cost: Free. The premium edition features a sliding scale from $4 to $12 a month; if you pick the $4 to $5 level it is payable annually in a flat amount.


Best Android personal expense tracker applications


Money Manager


Money Manager tops our list of Android cost tracker applications for its excellent rating, clear interface and customisation possibilities. App developers are eager to reply to user inquiries and recommendations. Many reviews are extremely good, and highlight that the quantity of adverts presented (the price for a free software) is not unduly bothersome.

Download: Android
Cost: Free, or pay a one-time price to skip adverts permanently (a whopping $58).




AndroMoney has been characterized as a flexible software that may be "as complicated or simple as you want." Yet, another reviewer wished it had more cash flow prediction tools to examine predicted future account balances. Still, AndroMoney has a good user rating, while developer answers to recommendations and concerns appear limited. The app also comes with an ad-free version.

Download: Android
Cost: Free. The premium edition costs $3.99.




1Money boasts the ability to "add a new transaction with a single tap." All you'll need to do is input the quantity of the item. Most users are happy, complimenting its easy navigation and simplicity. Support responds rapidly to requests. One function that seems missing: the ability to photograph receipts using a smartphone. There is a paid edition of the app that’s ad-free and allows you to establish numerous accounts, categories and sync between all of your devices.

Download: Android

For the basic edition, there is no cost. The premium edition is available for $1.99 per month for a single month, $6.99 per month for a year, or $19.99 for lifetime access with a single payment.


If you're ready to start a budget


Once you gain a handle on where your cash is going, you may want to take more ownership of your efforts to improve your net worth. That is likely to lead to examining the budgeting process. NerdWallet has selected the top budget apps for your consideration.

NerdWallet also provides a free app that helps you manage your cash, view your net worth and debt, and watch your credit score. We elected not to involve ourselves in the list above in order to give an unbiased assessment. We also give non-app options:

  • Use a free budget spreadsheet to record your spending.


  • Discover online budget templates for a fast review of your money.
  • Determine how to allocate your monthly revenue using the 50/30/20 rule.
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